Our wet pattern looks to give us a little bit of a break later this weekend through the first half of next week. But with the break in rainfall comes the return of summertime heat.

This weekend looks like a good one to go out on area lakes and water ways. That being said, please check with your local water authorities to determine whether or not it is safe for swimming.

It will certainly be a weekend that you would want to be in the water whether it be chlorinated or not.

Another front arrives

If you have been paying attention to the forecast this week I'm sure you've heard the term "backdoor cold front". What makes a front a "backdoor front" is the direction in which it comes in. Usually fronts move in from the west or northwest, backdoor fronts move in from the east or northeast. So the front door of our "home" faces west while our backdoor faces east, this is because of our usual weather pattern of storms traveling west to east in our jet stream.

Enough home explanation.


This front looks to move in Saturday then stall nearby. That will aid in the development of afternoon storms Saturday. But at this point it looks like storms will be pretty isolated in coverage, about a 20-30% chance.

Sunday the front begins to dissipate, high pressure moves in, and along with drier air our rain chances look to be between 0-10%.


This relatively drier stretch of weather looks to stay in place for the first half of next week as high pressure resides overhead.

However, it's not all good news.

Drier weather means hot temperatures

Lack of rain coverage means lack of cloud cover to keep us cool from the sunshine and no rain to cool down our afternoon.

Friday and Saturday look to be hot and muggy with feels like/ heat index values in the middle to upper 90s.

The humidity then gets cut of for a few days, Sunday through Tuesday before returning Wednesday into next weekend. Then we return to our wet pattern with scattered storms in the afternoon possibly daily.

Any let up in the future?

Based on the current outlook (the way pressure systems around the globe align and interact with our jet stream) for the next several weeks, our general wet pattern will continue through the end of June. That doesn't mean a few days of drier or cooler weather won't slip in to give us relief.

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