We are experiencing the hottest September in the last 5 years. Temperatures have been running above average every day so far this month. Wednesday's high was 94 degrees. That's 13 degrees above average. The average high for today's date is 81. Even though it's hot, it's still not a record. The record for Wednesday's date is 98 degrees set in 1954.

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We remain hot on Thursday. We have just one subtle difference in the forecast for Thursday. That's the wind. We will have more of an easterly flow. So instead of 93 and 94 degrees for highs, we think we will be just a couple of degrees lower with a high of 91. We also may see a few extra clouds mixing in with the sun at times. Rain chance is still less than 20%.

We go back to a 20% chance for showers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A few more clouds will mix in with the sun. That will help keep our high temperatures in the upper 80s rather than in the 90s. It will still be above average, but not as hot as we've been the past few days.

Rain chances go up a little more Tuesday and Wednesday to 40% as more moisture moves in. Temperatures will be in the mid 80s for the first part of the week.

We are still seeing some hints in our long term forecasts that some cooler air may be moving in for the end of September into the beginning of October. It's still not certain, but we hope to get some cooler relief at the end of the month!

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