We topped off at 90 degrees Thursday.  We will be a couple of degrees warmer on Friday.  We will even tie or break record highs for the weekend.

Friday WIZometer

A ridge of high pressure will continue to build over our area, keeping us hot and relatively dry Friday and through the weekend. Friday's high will hit 92 degrees.  With the strong high pressure and hot air, we will begin to experience a build up of ground level ozone.  That has prompted a code orange air quality alert for Friday afternoon. 

Friday Smog Alert

A code orange smog alert means that the air quality during the heat of the day will be "unhealthy for sensitive groups."  If you have respiratory issues that are enhanced by the build-up of ground level ozone, you will want to take precautions in the afternoon and early evening.  

 A heat advisory may be issued this weekend as heat indices and moisture increase. We expect a high of 93 on Saturday.  That would tie the record high for Saturday's date.  We are forecasting 94 for Sunday.  That would also tie the record for Sunday's date.  

It stays hot for Memorial Day and after.  Monday's highs will be near 94.  We will hit 93 Tuesday.  We return the low 90s Wednesday and Thursday with a 20% chance for showers.  

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