ATLANTA — Three teams with a total of six volunteers left Atlanta's Red Cross headquarters Sunday morning and driving the agency's Emergency Response Vehicles to Louisiana to assist in relief efforts for those affected by Tropical Storm Barry

One of the volunteers, Khalid Habash, said he wanted to make certain that people in our neighboring states were being taken care of when disasters like this affected them. 

"We need a lot of volunteers to go to the Louisiana area to help with the flooding that's happening right now," Habash said. "There's a big need for more volunteers."

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Habash says he is fortunate to have enough time available to be able to go down there and provide assistance. 

"I found some time and can go help," he said.

The American Red Cross has more than one dozen shelters open in Mississippi and Louisiana and is working with local officials to get food and supplies to anyone in need of assistance in the region.

"There are already 15 volunteers from the Georgia region on the ground in Louisiana," said Red Cross spokesperson Ashley Henyan. 

Henyan said the volunteers that left on Sunday will be going to the most affected areas with food, water and clean-up supplies to help those in need.


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