ATLANTA -- The Red Cross of Georgia is gearing up to help those affected by Florence in North Carolina.

They've been mobilizing for the past 24 hours to assist in the clean-up efforts.

About 60 volunteers left Sunday morning with about 30 emergency response vehicles along with other volunteers from Macon.

On Saturday, Red Cross volunteers began to prepare the emergency response vehicles to head out to the Carolinas. Volunteers from across the state loaded up trucks to meet in Macon.

To give you an an idea of what is inside the vehicles -- there is hot food, water, snacks, blankets -- all ready to be handed out to those in the affected areas.

Volunteers are giving up vacation and family time just to help out.

"When we go to disasters like this, you see the best of humanity," said a Red Cross spokesperson. "It brings everybody together. Us, the American Red Cross, and with all of our partners and even the people in the disaster; everybody works together to care for the people that need our help."

The volunteers expect to be gone for the next two to three weeks.