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Massive tree takes down power lines, breaks window as it came crashing down in Candler Park

The massive tree took down power lines, ruptured a gas line, and completely uprooted as it sent a branch right through the window when it came crashing down.

ATLANTA — With heavy rain from Fred moving through the Peach State, damage has been reported across metro Atlanta on Tuesday morning.

Closest to Atlanta, in Candler Park, a massive oak tree came crashing down in the neighborhood blocking Iverson Street.

11Alive's Christie Diez posted photos of the scene on Twitter, showing branches that broke through the window of a home across the street.

A neighbor told 11Alive the tree “really thread the needle” because it didn’t hit either the two houses next to it. 

"About 6:30 this morning, we heard a crash and a white flash, and a thud, and I came up here and this beautiful Oak tree. It just toppled over," Chris Gaffney said.

Gaffney and his wife were dog-sitting at their daughter’s house when they heard the huge crash.

He says he didn't feel or hear any extreme winds, so he believes the ground became too saturated with rain to hold the large tree up any longer. 

"That tree it was beautiful, big -- it was the most beautiful Oak tree I've ever seen and look at it, it's healthy," he said. 

The tree did take down down several power lines, rupture a gas line, and completely uprooted as it sent a branch right through the window of another house.

Although there was some damage to homes and other structures in the area, no one was hurt.

Crews are now working to remove the tree from the area, using a chainsaw to take it apart piece-by-piece. 

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