Bottled water has become one of the hottest commodities in north Georgia.

As Hurricane Irma approaches the U.S. residents of North Georgia are getting prepared.

"I've never been through a hurricane before, so I figured it's better to be over-prepared than not be prepared," said John Mason who was buying supplies at a Walmart in Duluth.

11Alive's Ryan Kruger went to stores in Fulton, Dekalb and Gwinnett counties.

Most stores had bare shelves of bottled water. At a Publix in Fulton County, customers grabbed water off the shelves as soon as employees re-stocked.

"We went to check water and there was no water," said Kiona Santano, who was shopping at a Walmart in Gwinnett County.

Instead, she bought several gallons of nursery water.

Some customers appeared to be resorting to desperate measures to get some much needed H2O.

"We bought a case of Dasani and someone had taken a bottle out of it," Mason said, "but it's all that was left, so we took it."