Sometimes we need good stories about kind people doing great things, and this is one of them.

Jessica Haley, from Miami, posted on Facebook about being in the right place at the right time and trusting her 'crazy gut feelings'.

Haley was in her car in a bank parking lot when she received an unexpected knock on her car window. It was a woman and she was crying.

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Haley rolled her window down slightly and asked the woman if she was okay. She said her name was Kimesha and that she had been stranded due to Hurricane Irma. She explained she had been flying back from her father's funeral and had a layover in Miami but before she could get home, all of the flights were cancelled due to the storm.

Kimesha was told to leave the airport because it closed and that all of the shelters were full. She went to a nearby hotel where she was charged for sleeping in the lobby because the hotel was at capacity.

This all seemed a little too terrible to be true, but Kimesha showed Haley receipts from her stay. She then explained that she used all of her money to survive until the storm passed.

Haley had also just gotten back after evacuating from Miami and had been working to donate what she could to help victims of the storm. And just as she was hoping to help those impacted by Irma, Kimesha came to her car window.

"Literally right after putting that out to the universe, she comes knocking on my window."

Haley proceeded to use all of her Southwest credit card points to get Kimesha a ticket out of Miami. She then brought her home and let her take what she needed from her pile of donation clothes she had planned on giving away and cooked Kimesha a hot meal. She even packed her snacks for her flight back home.

"This woman was harmless and just needed some love and light," Haley said in her post. "She prayed for help while I prayed for a way to know who/how to help. The universe works in the most amazing ways."

Haley urges those who can help, to realize that some people are put in terrible position and just need help.

"For all of us, we need to realize that there's people out there that still need help. And when somebody walks up and asks you for help, as much as we have our guards up as human beings and wondering what people's intentions are, right now people really, really just need help."

Happy Monday!