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'It's overwhelming': Families rocked by Talbotton tornado push to get back on their feet

"It came through and leveled everything," one resident said.

Families who lost everything in Sunday's storm are trying to pick up the pieces and figure out what's next. The town of Talbotton, Georgia was one of the areas hit hard. The National Weather Service confirmed an EF-3 tornado touched down in the city in Talbot County. 

A trip to New Orleans might have saved Ray and his family's life when the storm roared through his community. 

"When I pulled into the yard, I just couldn't' believe it," he said. The family lost their home along with four cars. 

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"It came through and leveled everything," he added. 

Just a few months ago, he lost his job. 

"I had everything paid for. I didn't owe anybody anything," Ray said. "But now it's a whole new outlook. It's a change in plans now."

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Now his family is left with their memories a part of debris - they are forced to relocate. 

The biggest worry for many is where they will go when the sun goes down. Some are driving 30 miles.

"It's overwhelming," Felicia Trice said. 

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She slept in a friend's car after the tornado blew out her windows, knocked out power and heat to her apartment. 

"For a long time, I didn't have my own place to live and now I have my own place to live. So when it's destroyed like that, it's hard to live with," she added.

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Dan Yero owns the largest rental property in town.  Four of the 18 units were leveled. 

"I've had probably 20 people come and ask me, 'Can I rent? Can I rent? 'And we're full. We were full before. There's nowhere to go," he said. 

Two days after the storm, it's still hard to imagine what full recovery looks like, but many are hopeful that things will eventually be fine.

We're told the storm displaced about 30 to 50 kids so school will remain closed until Monday as the recovery continues.


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