ATLANTA -- Despite a wet first half the week, it looks like metro Atlanta is still actually behind when it comes to rainfall.

StormTracker Meteorologist Samantha Mohr reported on Wednesday that the area is .56 of an inch behind for fall precipitation. That determination takes into account rain since Sept. 1.

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"We're now behind where we should be by about a half an inch," Mohr said. "So we're really not in a drought or a dangerous deficit but we are a little bit behind."

Meanwhile, that seasonal deficit goes up against a year-to-date rainfall total that's over 4.5 inches above average. That total up to about 47.1 inches - or just shy of 4 feet - of rain this year so far.

"We could still use this rainfall, this is beneficial gradual rain that could really be effective for our vegetation, just really soaking into the ground," Mohr said.

The latest drought monitor will come out on Thursday allowing for an update on these totals - including how the wetter weather has helped in drier parts of the state.