ATLANTA — A major severe weather event is expected to hit much of Georgia on Saturday, with the primary threat including gusty winds and possible tornadoes, along with heavy rainfall amounts.

This could pose a major threat to residents' homes and vehicles across the region.

Everyone is advised to remove all loose or broken tree limbs from around their property, take down any remaining Christmas or holiday decorations and put away any other lighter patio or garden furniture that could easily be tossed about.

If possible, clean any debris from out of your gutters or away from your downspouts.

Sweeping debris away from storm drains will prevent street flooding as a result of clogged gutters.

In addition, clearing out the debris trap along or adjacent to the windshield wiper assembly on your automobile or truck will prevent water from building up and flooding the interior of your vehicle.

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High winds may topple weakened or dead trees; this may result in extensive power outages across the region.

Taking time for preventive maintenance in advance of the storm could prevent problems later on.

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