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Tiny snowmen spotted throughout metro Atlanta

Here are some photos of tiny snowmen throughout metro Atlanta.

ATLANTA — For those in northern states in the United States, making a snowman during the winter season isn't so difficult.

In metro Atlanta, people sometimes have to get creative, as the region doesn't often get enough snow to stick. After all, it has been almost 1,500 days since there was last measurable snowfall in the city of Atlanta. 

People throughout the region are now accustomed to making tiny snowmen, continuing an Atlanta tradition by gathering up remnants of snowflakes that made it to the ground.

On Sunday, winter weather moved through the area, bringing a thin blanket of snow.

Viewers shared their tiny snowmen pictures with 11Alive. You can share your snow photos, too, by using the Near Me feature on the 11Alive app.

Pershawn Mattison shared an adorable moment with her grandson, Preston, with 11Alive. Mattison said Preston was so excited about the snowfall that he was able to scrape up enough snow around the house Sunday to build what Mattison called a "snowboy" instead of a snowman.  

Credit: Pershawn Mattison

Ali Varner shared this photo from Decatur. This little girl is proudly posing with her tiny snowman. 

Credit: Ali Varner
Decatur, Ga.

One viewer made a tiny ice dog in Buford. He said it's a homage to their family dog Dante.

Hello, this is a picture from Buford. My father and I made a ice sculpture of my dog Dante.

William Mays in Royston, Georgia sent in a photo of his tiny snowman chilling on the ledge of his home.

Credit: William Mays
William Mays. Royston, Ga.

While some residents of Midtown Atlanta reveled in the snow by taking their sleds to the hills by 10th street, others decided to build a tiny flaky friend in the heart of the city.

Credit: 11Alive

Some places had enough snow to make larger snowmen like this family in North Decatur!

Credit: Thomas Goodhew
Do you want to build a snow man? We do! Here's a look from Decatur, Georgia Credit: Thomas Goodhew