ATLANTA – Following the winter storm that blanketed most of the state, many Georgians were left wondering how we got more snow than predicted?

In response to that question, 11Alive Chief Meteorologist Chris Holcomb gave an explanation about the difficulties of forecasting the winter surprise snowstorm along with an apology.

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“Predicting the future on a daily basis can sometimes be a challenge and predicting snow in Georgia is always a challenge,” Holcomb said in his video. “With this recent snow event, we missed the mark and our forecast was not absolutely accurate. For that, I apologize.”

Holcomb broke down what happened and how Georgia got more snow than it bargained for.

When it comes to forecasting snow in Georgia, the 11Alive Storm Trackers have a checklist: upper-level temperature, air temperature, surface temperature and moisture content.

Holcomb said the Storm Trackers got it right when it came to the upper level, air, and surface temperatures but missed the mark when it came to moisture content.

“We were thinking that those snow totals would be lower than some of these the models that were going really high,” Holcomb said. “For Atlanta, some of the model predictions were right on the mark because we picked up around an inch or less officially in Atlanta. It’s in those outlying areas that picked up more.”

Holcomb finished his video saying the Storm Trackers will be taking this winter storm as a learning experience.

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