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'Halo' visible around the rising sun Good Friday morning in north Georgia

The peaceful sunrise shined a different view Friday morning

ATLANTA — As the sun rose on Good Friday over north Georgia, some saw a unique cloud feature in the sky. A ring, or halo, was visible around the rising sun.

Our 11 Alive Community StormTrackers posted their vantage point of the sundog sunrise in our Facebook group. Melissa Green in Athens posted her photo of the sun halo with "little 'dog ears' on either side."

Credit: Melissa Basinger Green - Athens

And Roz Walker in Alpharetta caught the partial sun halo over a lake:

Credit: Roz Walker, Alpharetta

This optical phenomenon happens when the sun's rays are refracted or bent by ice crystals within clouds. Normally these clouds are hazy, high-level clouds.  

Another more technical name for the ring is a 22-degree halo because of the angle at which the sun's light is refracted through the ice crystals.  

Credit: Mike Benken

If you have a photo of Friday morning's sun halos, you can send it through the 'Near Me' button on the 11Alive app or through our 11 Alive StormTrackers Facebook group.

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