Winter weather can cause major problems on Georgia roads. While it's best not to be on the road at all during winter weather conditions, if you absolutely have be driving, here are some tips to follow to stay safe.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has provided these tips:

Pay attention to the DOT crews who are clearing the snow and ice. Don't try to pass these trucks on the highway, but instead follow at least 100 feet behind them.

If possible, postpone travel until daylight hours when road conditions such as black ice are more visible;

Call 511 to report icy conditions on interstates and state routes

Slow down to at least half your normal speed. Also make sure to switch down to a low gear as you drive.

Treat broken traffic lights as four-way stops. Don't forget to exercise extra caution because your fellow drivers may not know that the stoplight should be handled this way.

Beware of black ice! This road condition isn't some kind of folk tale, but is actually one of the most dangerous elements of winter driving weather.

Accuweather has 3 safety tips for driving on black ice:

1) Don't hit the brakes, but keep your steering wheel steady.

2) Take your foot off the gas.

3) Don't try to overcorrect your steering if you begin to slide.

Look out for fallen trees or power lines. These hazards can appear anywhere on the roadway, so exercise total caution when driving.

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