Don't be caught in your vehicle unprepared for a winter storm.

According to AAA, you should pack:

- Mobile phone with emergency numbers (fully charged battery with charger)

- Drinking water

- First aid kit

-Non-perishable snacks

- A bag of abrasive material (sand, salt, cat litter)

- Snow shovel and ice scraper

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- Blankets and extra warm clothing

- Flashlight with extra battery

- Jumper cables

- Basic tool kit

- Critical medication suggests these additional items:

- tow chain or rope

- road salt and sand

- emergency flares

- fluorescent distress flag

Also be sure to have at least 3/4 full tank of gasoline.

Residents are also reminded to park their vehicles away from trees. Even after the storm is over, trees can uproot and fall over.

If a tree is over a bedroom, have those people sleep in a room out of potential harm's way

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