On its current forecast track, Hurricane Michael will cut right through the heart of Georgia in the coming days – but not everyone will experience the storm the same way.

That’s because being on different sides of a hurricane can mean different impacts. And, believe it or not, there is a side that’s stronger than the other. Splitting a hurricane into quadrants – or four pieces – the northeastern section is typically the strongest, while the southwestern corner is the weakest.

The strongest section has the strongest winds, rain and usually the heaviest storm surge when a hurricane reaches land.

On its current track, the strongest winds will be hitting Pensacola and areas to the east of it. As the storm moves up through Georgia it will curve to the east meaning that central and southern portions of the state will get the strongest impacts. Most of metro Atlanta should be on the western side of the hurricane.

While that may sound better – and it should be – it doesn’t mean that the weak side is necessarily safe. Anyone who is in the path of the storm should prepare and heed any evacuation orders.

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