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11Alive on TheATL

Watch live news from Atlanta on 11Alive.

Stay up to date on what's happening in your community with a 24/7 live stream and on demand content from 11Alive

11Alive+ features the latest breaking news and weather, plus daily talk shows, coverage of your favorite sports teams from Locked On, fact-checking from VERIFY and the latest trending stories from Daily Blast Live.
Stream 11Alive original storytelling, local investigations and reporting on the biggest issues affecting Atlanta and the nation.

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Live streaming and on-demand. Anywhere and anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 11Alive+?
    11Alive+ is a FREE streaming app that offers live breaking news, weather, sports talk, investigations and more, keeping you up to date on what’s happening in Atlanta. It’s everything you love about 11Alive plus more!
  • Where can I watch 11Alive live?
    11Alive+ is available on Roku and Fire TV. Our streaming content is also available on the web by visiting https://www.11alive.com/watch or on WXIA’s mobile app. Download the app from the Apple or Android store and click on the “Watch” tab at the bottom of the screen. The app is FREE and does not require any credit card to watch.
  • How can I stream live news for Atlanta?
    11Alive+ offers you live and on demand news coverage from 11Alive. Don’t miss your favorite local newscast, weather and more. The app is FREE and does not require any credit card information. Download now!
  • Do I get all the content from 11Alive with 11Alive+?
    All live newscasts, weather coverage, breaking news and special reports are available on 11Alive+. Fact-checking from VERIFY, sports news from LockedOn and original exclusive content are also available to stream live and on demand on 11Alive+. Some of the 11Alive programming is not available on 11Alive+. However, all the local news that affects Atlanta is available to watch anytime and anywhere.
  • Can I watch 11Alive content live and on demand?
    Yes! You can watch all your newscasts, weather coverage, breaking news, originals and more live and on demand.
  • Where can I use 11Alive+?
    You can watch 11Alive+ from anywhere! Moved away and miss your favorite morning newscast from 11Alive? No problem. With 11Alive+ you can stream it and catch up with what’s happening in Atlanta, no matter where you are.
  • What content is available on 11Alive+?
    11Alive+ offers a wide variety of content from breaking news, daily newscasts, weather, sports news from LockedOn, fact-checking from VERIFY, originals and much more. The app is FREE so come check it out!

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