ATLANTA (WXIA) -- The Gangster Disciples may have not only infiltrated the police department, but also all of metro Atlanta. According to the indictment they’ve killed everywhere from near Windy Hill Road in Smyrna to an Exxon Station in near Redan Road in DeKalb County.

It’s all in the federal indictment that describes Gangster Disciples as a highly structured group preparing to run the United States should the government fail.

Security camera footage shows how brazen the Gangster Disciples can be. Wings Café in Bibb County is where alleged members can be seen on video throwing punches seconds after walking in on December 12, 2014. Security tried to break it up. However the sheriff says they came back with guns and killed.

At the time local law enforcement connected them to a gang called “Blacc Team,” but the indictment reveals they were allegedly members of a larger organization known as the Gangster Disciples.

So was the alleged shooter in a murder along Holcombe Road outside an Exxon, killing DeMarco Franklin on June 30, 2015.

According to US Attorney John Horn, the gang is responsible for at least ten murders, twelve attempted murders and many other crimes including what police called the “Bloody Summer” crimes last year. Five people died and four were shot all within three months. At the time, the nine men arrested were linked to a gang called the “Hate Committee.” 11Alive News has learned that is a subsidiary of the Gangster Disciples.

According to the indictment, this gang is not only violent, it’s highly sophisticated with a hierarchy in place to run the US should the government fail.

At the top is the Chairman, much like a President except this one is in jail communicating with Board members – similar to Congress – who oversee regional Governors of Governors. Below them is a team of local leadership that includes Chief enforcers. Their job is in part to “KOS” or “Kill on sight” if a member violates rules.

Gangster Disciples began in the Chicago area in the 1970s when the “Black Disciples” and “Supreme Gangsters” aligned forces. According to the indictment the group currently has members in 24 states across the nation.

The indictment lists September 2015 as the date the gang infiltrated local law enforcement and the parole board. That’s when Officer Vancito Gumbs allegedly got involved. He’s one of thirty-two alleged gang members indicted on federal charges including murder, attempted murder, robbery, extortion, arson as well as drug trafficking and financial fraud.