GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- A Gwinnett County high school football player is under criminal investigation accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student, a cheerleader, on school grounds.

11Alive is not identifying the girl or the other teen. She is potentially a victim and he hasn’t officially been charged.

They’re both under 18-years-old and 11Alive is also not saying which high school they attend. The girl and her family reached out to 11Alive News Friday.

She said the teen under investigation has been threatening her for weeks. She also said that on Aug. 25, he took it to another level, threatening her if she didn’t follow him into a room on school grounds as she got ready for cheerleading practice.

That’s when she said he hurt her and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

“When we went into the room, he forced me to give him oral sex and I kept yelling to stop and I started crying but he wouldn't stop," she said. "He kept making me do it and he was choking me while I was doing it."

Again, the girl said the teen had been threatening her for weeks. He plays on the high school’s football team and she’s a cheerleader.

He’s a little bit older and in a different grade, but they run in a similar circle. According to the girl, he said this to her before the alleged assault: "I don't take no for answer. If you don't do it, I'm going to do this. I'm going to hurt you - I'm going to hit you."

The girl said she was scared after it happened and waited to tell anyone about it. She finally told her cheerleading coach on Thursday and the school’s resource officer opened a criminal investigation.

“What if it turned into sex? And two, what if he does this to somebody else worse than me? So I should say something now, so it doesn’t happen to somebody else,” she said.

Gwinnett County Schools released a statement to 11Alive on Friday.

“The school received a report yesterday about an incident that occurred on Friday, Aug. 25, where it is alleged that a sexual assault occurred involving two students. In addition to the school investigation, the School Resource Officer has opened a criminal investigation into these allegations. While we are prohibited from sharing discipline consequences, I can share that this level of an offense results in a student going to a disciplinary hearing and students do not attend class or participate in extracurricular activities until the hearing is held and consequences are determined.”