In the aftermath of Irma, three lives were lost in three separate incidents across Georgia. The morning after Irma moved through that state, many are beginning to realize the devastation if left behind.

Sandy Springs

A man in his 50s lost his life after a tree fell into his home. A gigantic oak tree split apart and pummeled the residence.

Neighbors recalled hearing a cracking and a loud thud, prompting several 9-1-1 calls. One of the victim's neighbors saw the tree fall and immediately sprung into action and attempted to get to the home.

Another neighbor of the victim works in the tree business and remembers being worried about it long before this accident.

"He was a quiet gentleman. Just a great person."


Another woman fell victim to a fallen tree in Forsyth County during Irma's wrath on Monday.

Police said Nancy Eason, 67, was inside of a car in a driveway with her husband, when a tree fell on top of the vehicle, ultimately killing her.

Her husband, Mike Eason was in the driver's seat and suffered minor physical injuries.

Nancy Eason was described by family as a caring and kind woman.

"She was a great lady. She was great in the community. A very Christian woman. She was good to us all."

According to the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office, Nancy was a retired court reporter who worked for the Forsyth and Cherokee judicial systems.

Worth County

A man tragically lost his life after climbing onto the roof of his shed during Irma and falling through.

The Worth County Sheriff's Office said the man attempted to assess some damage that was on the roof of the shed.

When he climbed to the top, wind gusts were at 69 mph at the time. His wife came out to check on him and found him laying on the roof underneath debris.

Now that Irma has passed, it is time to heal from the damage and death that came from this massive storm.

Irma claimed three lives in Georgia and more in our neighboring states. We have a long road ahead of healing and building, but everyone knows, it's always better in the south.