ATLANTA -- A lot on controversy is surrounding the break-up of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" stars Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida.

Parks filed for divorce after Nida was sent to prison, but his legal team has filed documents of their own.

“Apollo wants this divorce just as much as Phaedra does,” said one of Nida’s attorneys Onyema Farrey. She and fellow attorney Tessie Edwards say he just wants the proceedings done correctly.

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Nida’s lawyers say things concerning the case were done improperly.

“It’s a laundry list of things that we are disputing and challenging because we do believe that there have been some serious legal deficiencies in how the opposing party has proceeded with this case,” said Farrey.

They claim Nida has been left out of the legal process.

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“The petitioner, which would be Phaedra, did take advantage of the fact that he is incarcerated in our opinion,” Edwards said. “There was information that he was not privy to because he was incarcerated. There’s notices for dates and hearings and things that he was not given notice for, that he law says he should have been given notice.”

The lawyers say despite Nida being incarcerated, he still wants to be a father to his sons.

“What he wants first and foremost is a fair chance to be heard during the divorce process,” said Edwards. “He is definitely pushing for his rights as a father. Where he is now, which everyone knows is incarcerated, is a temporary situation. He’s fighting for his rights as a father so that when he is released from custody, he can still be the active father he was to his boys before he went in.”

We reached out to Park’s attorney who was not available. We are told they will share her side with soon.