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An Atlanta dog needed more than $1,000 in surgeries. A NYC rescue helped

A NYC non-profit sponsored 'laundry list of' procedures after Atlanta man stops traffic to pick up a puppy hit by a car.
Credit: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

ATLANTA — An Atlanta man and his friend helped save a stray dog who got run over by a car and needed more than $1,000 worth of surgeries, according to a rescue group. 

Kelechi and Faris were horrified, according to a post from Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs on Facebook, but were able to stop their car, run into the road and carry the dog to the emergency hospital, playing music to keep the dog awake. 

Unfortunately, the emergency vet turned the two away, but they didn't stop until they found help. They ended up at BluePearl Veterinary Hospital, then Fulton County Animal Services who sent photos over to Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs. 

The dog had already received a name by then. 

"When a song by artist Young Dolph came through the stereo, the dog perked up," the rescue group wrote. "From that moment on, this tiny little golden pup was officially known as Dolph."

Second Chance said Dolph needed many procedures, surgeries and veterinary care to heal the trauma he endured from the car accident and sponsored them. 

"He was taken to BluePearl Veterinary Hospital, where he was given medication to reduce any swelling in his brain brought on by head trauma," Second Chance said. "Dolph was placed in an oxygen chamber because he had a pneumothorax and bruised lungs due to blunt force trauma. There was free fluid around the bladder and a small rupture, both of which resolved on their own. Dolph also sustained multiple pelvic fractures, which led him to be on bed rest for a few weeks. "

And Kelechi and Faris made sure he wasn't alone, continuously checking up on how Dolph was progressing. 

Then one day, the moment finally came that Dolph was being released from the hospital, and he was officially adoptable.

"Kelechi was there waiting with open arms for his new best friend," Second Chance said.

They said the dog's life was saved two times. 

"Once, when they heroically pulled Dolph from the middle of the road, and again when they offered him a forever home. Happy life, Dolph," Second Chance said. "We love ya."

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