ATLANTA -- If you are ready to say goodbye to the gas pump a new startup rolling into Atlanta is just an app away.

Yoshi is a new gas delivery company that will bring the gas station to you wherever you are.

The company is already operating in San Francisco and Nashville, but they are hoping the trend and response they have seen to mobile service delivery will catch on here in Atlanta as well.

It could mean no more getting your hands dirty at the pump.

"What we want to do is come by, same time, same place every week, fill you up even if you're not completely empty,” said co-founder, Bryan Frist.

He says they can help you cut out your trips to the gas station by bringing the fuel to you, at your job, your home or wherever you might be.

"The idea of going to the gas station and getting filled up has kind of been grandfathered into the modern days with zero innovation, and so with technology, we now saw an opportunity to bring the gas station to you," Frist explained.

The company is starting out with services in Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Downtown, Midtown and Smyrna, with hopes to expand.

Dudley Long is one of their first customers in the Atlanta market. She like Yoshi’s convenience.

"When I leave work, the last thing I want to do is stop at the gas station, especially with Atlanta traffic," said Long. She says the service will stop her from waiting until the last minute to fill up.

You sign up through their website or through the Yoshi app. They will ask for some basic information like your car's make, model, and location for the fill up. A monthly membership will cost you $15 plus the cost of gas.

A Yoshi representative will match your car tag with your order and fill you up or top you off within a two hour time period, using gas bought by the company wholesale. Frist says that is part of how they work to keep prices at or below your local station.

"We've got no overhead, no brick and mortar we don't have expensive underground tanks," said Frist.

You can use the service without a membership, but the price of gas per gallon will cost you more than what members pay.

The company started about a year ago with two trucks filling up friends and family members in the San Francisco area.

Frist says the name Yoshi is related to man credited with coming up with the automatic fuel pump, S.F. Bowser. Fans of the Nintendo gaming system know Bowser as the bad guy in the Super Mario Brothers games, while Yoshi is the loveable character working to help defeat him.

The founders chose the name Yoshi because they want to be the new guy in town who comes in and takes on the status quo with something that changes the way people think about fueling their vehicles.

According to Frist, word of mouth is helping to increase Yoshi's customer base, with clients gaining points to earn free gas for sharing with friends. Yoshi also works with businesses to offer membership as a benefit, with employees only covering the cost of gas.

It's a new approach Frist hopes will change the way you stay on the road in Atlanta.

"Basically make it so you don’t have to think about your gas level again," said Frist.

Yoshi is available on the Apple app store and Google Play.