There are new developments in the Fulton Tax Revolt as property owners wait to see if they'll get any relief, as one of the Fulton County Board of Assessors' own members is accusing them of violating the state's Open Meeting Law.

The concern is that taxpayers who attend Thursday's meeting will not be given the opportunity to speak at it.

Even though the board will vote whether to freeze or rescind property values that spiked massively over the past year, board member RJ Morris says they are treating it as a regularly scheduled meeting, so the board will not allow for public comment.

At their last meeting, taxpayers were allowed to submit comment cards and were promised the board would address their concerns, but there was not a period allowed for public comment.

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Morris says there is too much on the line to silence taxpayers before this huge vote.

"The Constitution gives us every right to speak," Morris said. "And for us to say we're going to take that back and not allow that at our meeting, that should just be illegal."

11Alive News reached out multiple times to the board on Wednesday to see if they are planning to allow public comment at the meeting, but we never received a response from them.

At this point, Fulton County commissioners, as well as state senators, have sent emails asking the board to allow public comment at Thursday's meeting.

The board has moved the meeting from their normal, small meeting space to the Fulton County Assembly room, which seats more than 100 people -- but it is unclear at this point if anyone who makes the effort to attend will be allowed to speak.

The meeting starts at 12:30 Thursday afternoon. will stream the vote live.