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The Nuwaubians: A cult comes to rural Georgia

True Crime Chronicles, a weekly true crime podcast, to feature the Nuwaubians, a cult in rural Georgia that took on the local sheriff.

PUTNAM COUNTY, Ga. — A cult in rural Georgia during the ’90s was hiding an awful secret.

They were the self-proclaimed Nuwaubians.

They built Egyptian pyramids, raised a lot of eyebrows and threatened local authority. But what happened in that community of thousands would do more than raise eyebrows. It would become an all-out war in Putnam County, Georgia and its sheriff.

True Crime Chronicles, a weekly true crime podcast, is featuring the Nuwaubians, the cult in rural Georgia that took on Putnam County Sheriff, Howard Sills.

Hosts, Will Johnson and Jessica Noll, speak to WXIA reporter, Doug Richards, about his coverage of the cult and its eventual demise in Sills’ county.  

This episode of True Crime Chronicles will feature interviews with Sills detailing how he took down the most infamous man in his county, as well as a local reporter-turned author who wrote extensively about the group and shocking crimes they committed.

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True Crime Chronicles is a weekly true crime podcast from VAULT Studios and TEGNA, hosted by Will Johnson and Jessica Noll, that takes a look at a new case each week. They take a fresh look and deep dive into a case that one of our TEGNA stations has covered and bring a new perspective, updates and interviews with family, police, the accused and the reporter who covered the story. 

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