Police don’t think the shootings are related but the blood of three young girls was spilled in Atlanta in a matter of days.

17:30 | 01.25.18

The oldest of the victims was just 15-years-old and she did not survive. Her life was cut short after she was shot outside of a house early Thursday evening.

Police have not made any arrests, nor have they announced suspects.

22:09 | 01.25.18

That same day, a 14-year-old girl was walking down Memorial Drive with friends when they heard gunshots. Then, she realized that she was hit in the shoulder. Police believe she wasn’t the target but a victim of a stray bullet.

People in two cars were shooting at each other with no regard for the young lives near them.

She was taken to the hospital and police say she was alert, conscious and breathing.

23:00 | 01.24.18

Wednesday night, a 10-year-old girl was inside of her home when bullets from outside invaded, striking her twice.

The child was watching TV with her family when she was shot, police said.

She was taken to the hospital in stable condition.


Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields released a statement Friday morning saying while the cases don’t appear to be related to one another, they are connected.

“The only common thread in the shootings is the young age and gender of the victims and the unfortunate reality of gun violence. These incidents illustrate, sadly, why I have made going after violent criminals and removing illegal guns from the streets a priority for our department,” she said.

Shields said the department is investigating and working to make arrests in these cases. She called the shootings “unacceptable and tragic” and said violence against juveniles is disturbing.

She concluded the statement saying, “our department will not stand idly by while our young people are being killed or hurt.”