CANTON, Ga. – Nearly 100 people stood at attention to honor veterans they didn’t know on Wednesday.

The special ceremony was held at the Georgia National Cemetery.

The men were veterans of the Vietnam War and World War II. A representative from the cemetery said the remains of these veterans had been forgotten in various locations such as nursing homes and relatives’ houses.

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Often, unaccompanied veterans receive few at their funeral. But on Wednesday, a crowd with folks from Blairsville to McCaysville filled a tight space for the military funeral.

"We've had big occasions and little occasions -- this was the biggest occasion I've been to," said Marine veteran Walt Scott.

The cremated remains of the five veterans were laid to rest with the help of honor guards.

  • Michael Salvatore Nicolo
  • Christopher Allen Gunter
  • Charles John Hodapp Jr.
  • Louis Henry Klaer Jr.
  • Gary Lee Criswell

Each veteran died long after war. The youngest was 55; the oldest was 94.

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