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How to stay in shape while you stay inside: Atlanta fitness guru shares tips for healthy living in coronavirus quarantine

Umama Kibria tells 11Alive what you can do keep your workout going strong.

ATLANTA — With gyms and parks across metro Atlanta closing because of COVID-19, you may be wondering – how can I still get a good workout in?

An Atlanta fitness guru tells 11Alive's Nick Sturdivant there are some creative ways you can get in shape.

For a lot of you anticipating quarantines eventually ending and working to build that summer 2020 body, it's tough. But it's not impossible, even as gyms are closing all around the metro area.

Umama Kibria, the founder of "Small and Strong" and the company Sweatpack, said - in fact - there may be no better time than now.

"This is actually the best time to get started on your fitness journey," she told 11Alive. "Or, if you have been working out for a while, to reset and reenergize."

She posted her own at-home workout recently and shared four tips to keep in mind:

  • Eat right: "This is the new normal. So, start to meal prep. What I do is snack prep. I know I like snacking throughout the day. Instead of having my entire bag of chips at my work desk, now I have Ziploc bags or containers."
  • Use what you've got: "We have the equipment in our houses. We have water cases. We have luggage. So, a lot of creative ways to create weights."
  • Tune in: "I definitely recommend taking advantage of all these live workouts these gyms are offering."

And one last thing, in case you are working from home:

  • Take advantage of your space: "So, I just took my dining room table, or my office desk, and I put a box on top of it. It’s at that right distance to keep my laptop on top and then I can work with it facing. That way you know i’m engaging my core."

Umama also suggests journaling and meditating after.

Have your own workout tip you want to share with us? Let us know on the 11Alive Facebook or leave us a comment on Twitter.


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