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Socializing amid COVID-19 | What's the right approach? Here's what you said

What post-quarantine life should look like vary's greatly from one person to the next.

ATLANTA — With state guidelines still suggesting people keep a distance and avoid crowds, many have very strong feelings about what socializing should look like post-quarantine.

11Alive's inbox has been flooded with people either complaining about packed beaches and parks or urging people to get out and enjoy the nice weather. 

Post-quarantine socializing is a hot topic and people are passionate on both sides.  11Alive's Kaitlyn Ross put this question out on her Facebook page: "Are you still social distancing?"

The responses came in fast and furious, with hundreds of people weighing in on what's best for their family and why they think so.

Elizabeth Castillo said she can understand why people are frustrated.

"While my family and I are choosing to stay home (mostly) for another few weeks, I am COMPLETELY over social distancing and how regulated it has become, mostly by everyday citizens," she said. "If you don't want to be around groups of people, maybe don't go to the parks or beaches on Memorial Day weekend?!"

Brigitte Collins said her family is still keeping up a pretty strict quarantine

"We are being very careful. Washing hands, wearing a mask, 6 feet social distancing," she wrote. "I don't understand why you wouldn't! Let's all be safe, irregardless of our political views. Love your neighbors❤️"

But Shasta Matthews said enough already.

"Its should be our rights as Americans to either choose to stay home or go out," she said. "We cannot continue to live this way. People are losing their business and homes."

As for those who do gather, healthcare professionals suggest being outside is better. But they're still stressing social distancing and staying six feet apart. They're also giving the same advice they've had since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic: frequent handwashing and staying home when you feel sick. 

The governor is still asking people to gather using social distancing guidelines and the Georgia State Parks Division is limiting access to some of the more popular sites. They have an alert on their homepage telling people if a park gets too crowded. In that case, they'll close access for a few hours to make sure people can maintain their distance.

That actually happened on Memorial Day at Red Top Mountain and Wormsloe State Historic Site for hours because so many people showed up.

11Alive is where Atlanta Speaks, and we want to hear from you on this - what are you and your family doing now that some of the restrictions in Georgia are easing?

You can weigh in on our Facebook page with your family's plan.


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