This article was originally published in March 2018.

Two-year-old DeOrr Kunz vanished on a family camping trip in July 2015 in Idaho.

Five months later, DeOrr’s family began to turn on each other.

After months of searching for answers, two different private investigators working with the family quit the case.

More than two years later, there haven't been any arrests.

Our Little Man Lost series explores the three theories that could explain what happened to baby DeOrr. Watch each episode to see private investigator interviews with the key players at the camp ground when he went missing, video from the search, family pictures of De'Orr, new interviews with his family and more from the investigation.

Three theories explore what happened to baby DeOrr Kunz | Little Man Lost Episode 1

DeOrr's family turns on each other when questioned | Little Man Lost Episode 2

Bizarre behavior by a family friend puts the blame on Isaac | Little Man Lost Episode 3

Suspects named in disappearance of DeOrr Kunz | Little Man Lost Episode 4

Why private investigators quit the DeOrr Kunz case | Little Man Lost Episode 5

DeOrr's mother talks about accusations against her | Little Man Lost Episode 6

Little Man Lost: K9 Search and Rescue

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Hear from one of the investigators below as he answers viewers questions:

This series was produced by Atticus Investigates: Jeremy Campbell, Matt Livingston, Erin Gutierrez, Lauren Rudeseal and Blis Savidge. 

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