GREENSBORO, N.C. — Investigators are still looking for a missing 3-year-old girl. Greensboro Police and her mother, are asking for your help. 

Erica Lindiment says she was taking a nap when she got the text that Ahlora was missing from her child's father. 

"I came over here that was around seven-something. The footage shows the lady was actually at the playground and playing at the playground with the children around four," said Lindiment.

She says none of the children knew the woman who showed up and took her daughter. And that the woman tried to walk out of the view of security cameras when she took Ahlora.

But she says based on the description she was given she thinks she may have passed by the woman on her way in.

"When I pulled in I initially thought I saw someone who fit that description in a gold or grey small four-door car with a son in the front seat with a red T-shirt on and a puffball."

Greensboro Police released a photo of a woman they want to question in the little girl's abduction. They said she could have information. 

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Abduction Suspect photo
Greensboro Police want to question a woman captured in a surveillance photo who could have information about the abduction of Ahlora Lindiment.
Greensboro Police


When asked if she had anything else to say to the public, Lindiment simply had this message:

"If anybody knows anything contact me, contact the police, contact channel 2 news, if you have seen her if you have seen anyone who remotely fits the description. If you’ve seen my child...If anybody and everybody could help us find my child."

Ahlora Lindiment
Ahlora Lindiment
Greensboro Police

If you have any information call 911 or Greensboro Crime Stoppers at 336-373-1000. 

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