DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — It's been called the worst community in America, and it was right in Atlanta's backyard.

Fires, shootings, horrible living conditions were a part of everyday life for the people who lived at the Brannon Hill Condominiums in Clarkston. But on Thursday the County continues the process of tearing down the condominiums as they demolish 40 more units.

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The process began last November, when a DeKalb County judge signed an order giving Brannon Hill on Old Hampton Drive 60 days to repair some of its buildings or the county would step in. The order applied only to buildings that were destroyed or seriously damaged by fire.

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The notorious condominium complex is home to numerous immigrants and refugees, and has gained national attention for its harsh conditions. Earlier this year, the Deen Media Center called Brannon Hill the worst community in America because of its high crime, unsafe structures and mounting debris. The complex also has allegedly been used as a dumping ground by private businesses.

After the order was signed, DeKalb's District 1 Commissioner Nancy Jester called it good news for the county.

“This property has been a blight for many years," she said. "I’m happy the county took the issue seriously and so did the courts.”

The demolition of the first 28 of about 110 already-vacated and damaged units began in July 2017. Now, the county continues the process, with Phase II of demolition starts at 11 a.m.

So far, about 150 units have been demolished. There are still 186 units occupied in the complex.