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Atlanta, citing 'strong financial condition,' announces bumps in city worker pay increases

The pay increases will come in the form of a larger cost-of-living adjustment.

ATLANTA — The City of Atlanta on Tuesday announced a $9.5 million pay increase package that would go to city workers, including bigger bumps in particular for police and E-911 personnel.

The pay increases will come in the form of a larger cost-of-living adjustment, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens announced. Instead of a 2% cost-of-living increase, city workers will now see a minimum increase of 3.5%.

For police and E-911 workers, that cost-of-living increase will be 9%. It will be 7% for Atlanta Department of Corrections officers, and the city said an additional 1.5% cost-of-living increase would be added for Atlanta Fire Rescue Department personnel on top of raises already implemented this year.

Mayor Dickens cited the city's "strong financial condition" in announcing the raises. A release said the city's revenues from sales taxes and business licenses in particular have "outperformed projections" and left Atlanta "with a stronger than expected reserve fund."

"Even after these investments, the City will maintain a healthy reserve fund exceeding requirements," the release said.

In a letter to city workers, the mayor noted "recent fluctuations in the economy" and high inflation, and said he hoped the pay increases would "help you and your families meet your needs and invest in your future" in Atlanta.

There are approximately 8,500 employees in the city's workforce, according to the mayor's letter.

The letter added the changes will take effect on Jan. 2, and be reflected partially in the paychecks sent out to city workers on Jan. 13, and fully incorporated into Jan. 27 paychecks.

Dickens' letter said a budget amendment would soon be introduced to the City Council to execute the pay increases, and that: "I know my colleagues on the City Council share our commitment to the City’s workforce, and I look forward to working with them arm-in-arm to implement this plan."

"Since I took office, my goal has been to make the City of Atlanta a model employer that recognizes the dedication of our workforce and allows us to recruit and retain the best talent," the mayor wrote to city employees. "Our goal is to always put people first."


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