CHAMBLEE, Ga. – Police are warning people of two men who are posing as police officers before robbing them at gunpoint.

On Feb. 6, Chamblee police were called to Derring Circle where a woman and her boyfriend said they were robbed at gunpoint by two black males.

The victim told police they were driving north on Buford Highway when a white Dodge Charger, with blue police lights in the front grill of the car, pulled her over.

She said the Charger was “not like a regular police car” and did not have police lights on top of the vehicle, nor was it marked. Instead, the suspect flashed a spotlight in her mirror directing her to pull over, according to the police report.

The victim told police she did not recall violating any laws at the time and didn’t understand why she was being pulled over. Her boyfriend in the passenger seat told police he knew something was not right.

Once she pulled over at Derring Circle, she said one of the suspects got out of the Charger and ran up to her window. He then held a black firearm up to her window demanding she relinquish all of her items, according to the police report. She gave the suspect her purse which included her passport, debit card, and car keys.

The victim’s boyfriend stated he looked out the passenger side mirror and saw the second suspect running towards the car with a black handgun. He said the experience was “horrifying” and that he was “afraid for his life,” according to the police report.

He told police he thought the men were undercover police until one of them opened the passenger door and “snatched him out of the front seat" and was then thrown onto the concrete ground.

The second suspect then pointed the black handgun at his head and demanded that the victim give him everything inside his pockets. The victim said he didn’t have anything. The suspect then ran back to the Charger, according to the police report.

The only description the victims were able to provide to police is one of the men was a “heavy-set black male.” They told police they were not able to get a good description of the second suspect at the time.

Police said the suspects were last seen traveling east down Derring Circle towards Capeheart Drive or Woodacres Drive.

Be on the lookout for a white Dodge Charger with a spotlight attached to the driver side of the car. Police believe there are only two suspects at this time.