UPDATE: The owner of the ring has been found.

COVINGTON, Ga. -- A community is using the reach of social media to help reunite a military ring with the owner.

The ring was found Sunday on the blood pressure machine near the pharmacy at the Kroger in Covington on Hwy 278 in Newton County.

After no one came to pick it up, Leslie Moreland, who works in the pharmacy, posted a picture of the ring to her Facebook page saying "I'd like to find the owner."

After a couple of hours, it was shared more than 400 times. Moreland told 11Alive that Covington is a close community.

"We're a pretty tight knit town...it's a pretty great community," she said.

The ring is black and has several engravings. On one side is the word "discipline" with what looks like a grim reaper below it. On the other side is the word "spirit" with what looks like a picture of a knight, firefighter and a policeman. On the top of the ring the words "honor platoon 3069" circle what appears to be a sapphire.

Moreland said there is also an inscription on the inside of the ring. She's keeping that private so that she can make sure the ring belongs to anyone that comes forward.

"To make sure it's actually them," she said.

Moreland said the ring's owner can go back to the Kroger pharmacy and ask anyone working there.