MARIETTA, Ga. — When a woman spotted a child sitting in a car alone on a warm May day, she got help from another witness - who just happened to be a part-time locksmith.

Marietta Police officers arrived to the Target at 2201 Cobb Parkway around 2 p.m. on May 10 to reports that a child had been left in a car outside.

The caller said that she walked out of the store and found a child in a gray Mazda. She then asked for help from another woman who used her knowledge as a locksmith to get the driver's side door open. She then got the child out fearing for his safety.

Arriving officers identified the child's mother who later told officers that he was sick and needed medication from the business.  The child was then placed in a shaded area and given ice water.

Responders with Cobb County Fire Department arrived and checked him for medical issues but found none. Both the mother and her child were allowed to leave, but an investigation later led to a reckless conduct charge against the mom. A Georgia Division of Family and Children Services investigation has also begun.


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