For the first time in almost ten years, Georgia Tourism is launching a television campaign to convince people to spend time and money in the state.

The "Pretty. Sweet." marketing campaign launched in 2015, but the television ads just hit markets within driving distance. They're scheduled to run through May.

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Georgia tourism has dubbed 2016 "The Year of Georgia Music", and features original music from Atlanta-based singers and songwriters.

“This is the first time in almost 10 years that Georgia Tourism has had a television broadcast campaign, making this campaign even more exciting,” said Kevin Langston, deputy commissioner of tourism at the Georgia Department of Economic Development said in a press release. “Our goal with this new campaign is to encourage visitors to Explore Georgia’s tourism offerings that make us so unique.”

The new campaign comes as tourists, businesses, and artists battle over location politics.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has banned all city business travel to North Carolina after the state passed a so-called "bathroom bill". House Bill 2 forces individuals to use the restroom corresponding to the gender of which they were born – not the gender of which they presently identify.

At least four states and seven major cities have followed that trend, banning official travel to North Carolina and Mississippi.

The NCAA expressed concerns over the North Carolina law. The state is scheduled to host at least 20 championship event in the next two years. Atlanta is trying to woo those events to the city. The city council passed a resolution letting the NBA know Atlanta is ready to host the 2017 NBA All-Star Game if it moves out of North Carolina.