Police have identified two people accused of running up a $200 tab at a metro Atlanta restaurant just two days before Christmas - and then hitting the door without paying up.

Peachtree City police fittingly described their social media post as a "Grinch alert" pointing out that the waitress also has the cover the loss.

"That's in poor taste anytime," the department said. "But walking out on a $200_ tab two days before Christmas is outright grinchy."

The good news, now, is that police have identified the alleged culprits with help from a security photo shared on Facebook which had nearly 3,000 shares by Thursday afternoon.

It's a crime that has a local chef, Peter Dembrowski, fuming.

"That's absurd, that really is absurd," he said. "The one thing you do is you pay your tab and you tip - you tip as much as you possibly can because these bartenders live off nothing."

He said a lot of his friends are bartenders and that he couldn't imagine them having to pay that bill because some are already struggling. 

For now, Big Daddy's Oyster Bar, where the crime happened, isn't speaking. Police, though, are hoping anyone with more information on the incident will contact them.

UPDATE** Subjects Identified. Thank you! Grinch Alert: When you walk out on a tab at a dining establishment, the waitress often has to fit the bill for the loss. That's in poor taste anytime, but...