GALVESTON, Texas- Police continue to search for answers, four days after the body of a young boy washed up on Stewart Beach.

Near the site, a memorial made of stuffed animal and flowers is growing, along with the community’s questions about what happened.

“After all this time, what, three or four days, no one has come forward? Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, no one?," said Wanda Grunwell

Wanda and her husband Mark live about a block from last Friday’s crime scene. The couple watched as Galveston Police investigators delicately removed the child’s body.

“We watched the whole thing, from the woman finding the baby. It’s just hit me really hard.” Grunwell said.

Over the weekend, police released a sketch of the child.

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The boy is somewhere between age three to five. So far, no one has publicly come forward as the boy’s parents, and Galveston Police have yet to make an arrest related to the death.

If you have any information, you're asked to call Galveston Police at (409) 765-3702 or Crime Stoppers (409) 762-8477.