ATLANTA -- 11Alive News has received many comments on the commercial released last week by the Brian Kemp for Governor campaign which features the Republican gubernatorial candidate holding a shotgun while a young man runs through talking points for Kemp's campaign.

There has been some support for Kemp but most of the feedback coming to 11Alive has been criticism.

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One viewer called the ad "offensive," while another called it "very inappropriate."

A number of the viewers who have contacted us have demanded that we take the ad off the air entirely, with at least one viewer asking us to "show some civil courage and refuse to air Kemp's video.

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11Alive reached out to Kemp to get his response to the ad's reception and although he was unable to go on camera today, a representative from his campaign sent us a statement.

“Brian Kemp is a conservative. Get over it. He loves his daughters, values our 2nd Amendment rights, and will be an unapologetic fighter for our families as Georgia’s next governor,” Spokesperson Ryan Mahoney said on Tuesday.

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