ATLANTA -- Residents of Costa Rica are already seeing rain because of Tropical Storm Nate.

And metro Atlanta residents, with fresh recollections of Hurricane Irma, are keeping a close eye out. The biggest fears are trees and power lines coming down and roads becoming impassable.

When Hurricane Irma hit, much of metro Atlanta went dark. Now with Tropical Storm Nate showing one track coming through Georgia - and Atlanta - residents again worry about damage and "lights out."

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For Georgia Power, it’s a 24-hour weather watch.

If Georgia and Atlanta get into a direct line for the next tropical storm, Georgia Power is ready. With parent company, Southern Company, Georgia Power has partner resources to jump in if needed. That’s what they did for Hurricane Irma.

“Alabama, Mississippi Power, Gulf Power - all came in to help us,” said Craig Bell of Georgia Power at its Atlanta headquarters.

Despite the extensive damage, the company said they had power back to nearly a million Georgia homes within five days. But now the attention is on another major storm with an uncertain path.

“Right now, with this storm in the Gulf, no matter if it turns and goes to Alabama or turns toward Georgia, we are prepared,” Bell added.

And you should be prepared, too. If the weather approaches metro Atlanta, disconnect computers and appliances and make sure you have emergency lighting and flashlights

Also, be sure to fully charge your cellphones.

“As soon as the storm clears the state and its safe for our crews to work, we'll be out restoring lights,” Bell said.

For now, its wait-and-see with the hope that Tropical Storm Nate will veer away from Georgia.