COVINGTON, Ga. -- Many in Georgia are frustrated because their power is still out as a result of what was Hurricane and Tropical Storm Irma.

But families want everyone to remember there are thousands of men and women working around the clock in difficult conditions to turn the lights back on.

Fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends of a family that spoke to 11Alive News, Wednesday, are spread out across Georgia, working to turn the power back on for thousands in the state.

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Some just got back from Texas and a few will be on their way to Florida when the work in Georgia is done.

That family sent 11Alive a video of little 2-year-old Liam crying, banging on the door, screaming for his daddy - begging him not to go to work.

Liam’s dad is a lineman and has basically been working non-stop to help restore power to the state.

“I cried with him," said Hailey Crawford, Liam’s mother. "It makes me sad that he missed his dad every single time he walks out the door.”

Liam’s mom and his aunts feel the little boy’s pain. Their family is full of linemen and it’s a tough life they know too well. Liam’s dad was in Texas. He’s now working in Georgia and will be on his way to Florida soon.

“Anytime there’s a storm, anytime there’s anything like that, they get called out and they’re out for days at a time,” said Nicole Patton, whose father and brother are both linemen.

She also has uncles and friends who are in the same line of work. They know what to expect, but it doesn’t make the absence any easier.

“A lot of times they’re not just a phone call away; we have to wait until they’re able to call us," Patton said. "It’s really rough wondering if they’re okay.”

Georgia Power said that many of these men and women travel far away from their homes and families often for weeks at a time. The personnel who are leading the restoration effort have also had their homes damaged by the hurricane or have lost power as well.

Patton said Wednesday night that in the midst of the frustration over not having power, just remember there are thousands of men and women working to help you.

“We’re just ready for our family to come back home, our friends, our uncles, our dad, brother, just ready for it to be over and know they’re safe,” Patton said.

Georgia Power said there are now about 8,000 personnel working around the state to restore power. Some of the crews are from different parts of the country - as far away as California and Washington.