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Casting directors are finding Emmy-quality talent in Georgia

We spoke with some of Atlanta's leading agencies who pick the actors landing roles in FX's "Atlanta" and "Stranger Things," just to name a few.
Credit: Tina Rowden
Behind the scenes "Stranger Things" (Netflix )

It ends on the red carpet, but before that even becomes a factor, casting producers are the first to leave their mark on some of the biggest television shows.

The A-Scene spoke with some of Atlanta’s leading agencies who pick the actors landing roles in FX’s “Atlanta” and “Stranger Things,” just to name a few.

Before the disappearance of “Stranger Things” character Barb became a pop cultural obsession, casting directors Tara Feldstein and Chase Paris were looking for someone to fill that role.

“She was right here in Roswell, Georgia,” Feldstein laughed. “Still in high school,” Paris added.

“And we had no idea what that role was going to become and if you go back and watch the first season she was only in two and a half episodes. That’s it. And she has skyrocketed, “ Feldstein said.

And it’s decisions like those that the pair make through their casting agency Feldstein Paris Casting helping to create stars for shows produced here in Georgia.

“You know Atlanta specifically. There are actors we have found that have never booked anything. And this is there first job and you would never know because they are organically these roles,” Feldstein said.

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“When you’re hiring real people, who happened to be in ‘Atlanta’. There is much more life to them. There is much more character. The aesthetic is more real, gritty,” Paris explained.

Emmy winner Heather Taylor of Taylor Made Casting sets the scene for those iconic moments...even in the making. Here’s her work for the long-awaited season three premiere of “Stranger Things” turning Gwinnett Place Mall into an 80s centric blast from the past.

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“I would say this year we have so many more people that are interested in being extras due to the popularity of the show. So we’ve been able to really get the best look of the 80s this season,” Taylor said.

Follow along with The A-Scene crew as they find Atlanta's stars in Los Angeles.

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