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Ozark's Marty Byrde's van spotted in Stone Mountain

The wheel are rolling on two productions in Atlanta.


Filming for the Netflix series “Ozark” was caught burning rubber last Friday when A-Scene insider Christy Benton grabbed a photo of Marty Byrde’s van in Stone Mountain.

The Honda Odyssey was seen in the process of being towed with several splatters of dirt on the side of the minivan. Marty, played by Jason Bateman, drives the vehicle.

The fictional series follows the financial conflicts of a family from Chicago to the Ozark Mountains.

The families modular home was also found near Van Pugh Park near Lake Lanier, according to A-Scene insider Susie Llanes Fitzgerald. 

In 2018, Bateman announced the new season on Twitter with a graphic combining the number three and a dollar sign.

After several calls for extras in the recent months, the basecamp sign for the Starz series “P-Valley” was discovered in southwest Atlanta.

The sign was spotted by John Tackett who posted the sighting in a Facebook group for The Community of East Point. Also accompanying the sign was another that read ‘crew parking’.

The series casts its spotlight on the various characters that pass through a strip-club in the Delta of Mississippi. It is the re-envisioned series of the play “Pussy Valley” by Katori Hall.

In addition to the Starz series, a basecamp sign for AMC’s The Walking Dead was also found in the area reading “SF.” The series is currently filming its tenth season.


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