CLARKSTON, Ga – The city of Clarkston has brought change to a busy intersection after complaints of drivers making illegal lefts, and there could be more changes in the works.

Richard Frye is constantly irritated by the people who ignore the sign posted at the corner of Church Street and Mell Avenue. Drivers are not supposed to turn left from Church onto Mell during certain times of the day.

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But they do.

“You’ve got the sign right there at the corner that says no left turn,” says Frye. “It doesn’t seem to matter.”

Frye contacted 11Alive Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes about the issue. Carnes attached a GoPro camera to the sign, and captured dozens of drivers making the illegal left.

Clarkston City Manager Keith Barker says police are watching.

“We don’t have the manpower to park there all day,” says Barker.

During rush hour, traffic along Church Street and East Ponce de Leon snarls. There are railroad tracks in between. Cars turning left on Mell risk getting caught in the congestion, and caught on the tracks.

After Commuter Dude raised the issue, the city added a 3-way stop on Church and removed the no left turn. There are now signs warning drivers about the risk of getting caught on the railroad tracks.

It hasn't eliminated the illegal lefts made during the morning and afternoon rush from East Ponce de Leon onto Mell.

Clarkston recently annexed the area around the intersection. Barker says if voters approve a Special Local Option Sales Tax now up for a vote, changes are coming.

“Most likely we’ll put a traffic signal there and that should resolve the problem,” says Barker.

The SPLOST would raise Dekalb’s sales tax to eight cents on the dollar and would raise money for a variety of road projects. Early voters are weighing in now with the big day at the polls on Tuesday.