CLARKSTON, Ga. -- A DeKalb County woman is in custody after allegedly shooting her daughter's fiancé to death.

Now, that woman's daughter, Madaya Ve, is grieving, telling only 11Alive that while she is reeling from the loss she has forgiven her mother.

"I feel like the devil just got to her heart," Ve said.

According to police, 57-year-old Paw Law argued with the victim, 17-year-old Nya Poe Law Eh, and ultimately shot him in the stomach on Saturday at an apartment on East Ponce de Leon Avenue.

11Alive's Faith Abubey spoke to Ve Monday to understand what happened.

According to Ve, until about four months ago, she and her Burmese family lived in Wisconsin. Ve's mother moved here to Georgia, but she stayed behind with her fiancé Eh and his brother.

Ve said her mother never approved of the relationship, but she wanted her mother to warm up to him, so the pair took a trip to visit Law.

Ve said they all got into an argument Friday night because Law did not want her daughter to go back to Wisconsin with the 17-year-old. Then, the next morning, deadly gunfire.

"I just hear a gunshot," Ve told 11Alive. "First I didn't know it was a gunshot. I thought something just popped out. When I looked at him he was on the floor and when I looked at my mom she was shooting him and then I stopped her."

Warrants were issued on Sunday and the Clarkston, Georgia woman was placed under arrest.

Ve said the violence was unexpected -- there was no arguing the morning of the shooting, the day before Eh would have turned 18. She said she is not even sure where her mother even got the gun.

"None of us know that she got a gun," Ve said. "So, she came behind and I never thought that this was going to happen."

According to Clarkston's Police Chief Christine Hudson, incidents like this are extremely rare. Hudson said this is the 2nd murder in Clarkston this year, the first in about three years.

"It's a shock to everybody," Hudson said. "We haven't had problems like this, of this magnitude, so it's just hard to think that a mother could kill a 17-year-old kid."

Right now, investigators are still trying to interview Law to find out more about a motive and where the gun came from, however, language is a big barrier at the moment. Meanwhile, Eh's family are in the area, planning his funeral.

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