A 60-year old woman was arrested Thursday after a bloody altercation with her husband.

The incident took place after Cynthia Klaudt says she saw her husband texting another women. After attempting to leave the room, Michael Klaudt was attacked by his wife. He claims he punched her in the chest after she began hitting him. She then hit him over the head with a vase causing a severe laceration on his head and bleeding.

Michael ran to a neighbor’s apartment for help where police were called. Officers claimed that when they arrived Mr. Klaudt had "severe bleeding on his head" and "a severe open laceration on his arm."

After admitting to hitting her husband with the vase, which she attempted to throw away, Mrs. Klaudt claimed her husband punched her in the face and pinned her against the wall. However officers could not find any evidence to support her claims

Despite telling officers that his wife was very “volatile” and that she assaults him around five times a month, Michael Klaudt became very upset and started crying when he was told his wife was going to jail.

According to officers, both parties seemed to have alcohol on their breath at the scene.

Michael Klaudt was transported to St. Mary’s hospital.

Cynthia Klaudt was arrested for Family Violence Aggravated Battery and was transported to jail. She was released Friday afternoon after posting bail.

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