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No, you cannot get cited by a school zone speed camera at all hours

According to Georgia Code 40-14-18, authorities can issue speed camera civil citations one hour before school starts to one hour after it ends.

ATLANTA — This fall, more districts are installing speed cameras in school zones, in hopes of improving student safety.

"The school zones are trying to save lives and trying to save the children's lives," said Cornell Madison, an assistant police chief who has worked in law enforcement for 27 years. "They're using all the software available that they can - if you look at the lack of resources, the lack of manpower, they're trying to find other innovative ways to make up the difference."

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Atlanta Public Schools placed the cameras at 10 of its elementary schools in August. Gwinnett County also expanded its speed camera program this school year.

With new cameras on the roads, drivers are concerned that they can clock speeds even after school hours. 


Can you get a citation from the school zone speed cameras at any time of day?



This is false.

No, authorities can only issue speed camera citations from one hour before school starts to one after school ends.


Georgia Code § 40-14-18 outlines how authorities can use speed cameras in school zones. The law allows camera enforcement "on a school day during the time in which instructional classes are taking place and one hour before such classes are scheduled to begin and for one hour after such classes have concluded."

The driver must be going at least 10 miles over the speed limit to be cited.

"The camera takes a picture and uploads it to a computer or software and then sends it to a police officer to review it. The officer reviews the citation, verifies that the camera has been calibrated and you're issued the citation," Madison said. "If a state trooper or a deputy sheriff here in Georgia is in that speed zone, they can still stop you for one mile over."

When those rules are enforced varies by school. Gwinnett County posts the speed limits and enforcement times on its website.

For example, the camera at Graves Elementary School can issue citations from 7:15 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. The one at Lanier Middle School, however, functions from 7:15 a.m. until 5 p.m.

It doesn't matter whether the lights are flashing; just whether the school is within an hour of being in session.

"You must remember that you can be cited throughout the day," Madison said. "So if you're driving through the school zone, trying to take a shortcut and you're above the speed limit for the school zone or the speed limit, you will still receive a citation."

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