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Families flock to Helen, Ga. to take in winter weather

Kids built snowmen, had snowball fights, and went sledding in White County.

HELEN, Ga. — Hundreds of people from several states flocked to hotels in the mountains of northeast Georgia Sunday to enjoy the snow and activities in it. Kids built snowmen, had snowball fights and went sledding in Helen, Ga.

“It’s a winter wonderland. Coming down the road, it was so pretty," Arlene Clayton said.

Clayton brought her grandsons from Douglasville, Ga. to White County.
"We’re enjoying mother nature and letting these three grandbabies enjoy this beautiful weather and this beautiful snow," Clayton said. 

Dozens of people joined the Claytons at a hill off South Main Street.

"We love Helen," Clayton said. "We've come here for years and years mostly to tube. It's just a beautiful town and a lot of homegrown people here and homegrown businesses. We just like to support people like this who are so friendly and nice."

The roads had a slushy mix on them as plows cleared them off throughout the day. Stacy Evans came to Helen to enjoy a birthday weekend with her husband. 

“I love it. This is the second year we’ve come where it’s snowed like this. We don’t get a lot of snow where I’m from in South Carolina," Stacy Evans said.

Clayton said fun in the snow was a great way for her family to bond.

“It’s family time, and go Dawgs,” Clayton said. 

The pavement is expected to freeze overnight. It’s already slippery, so GDOT asks you to stay off the roads until the temperature warms up.